For Waist Trainer Sizing: Refer to the first column of the sizing chart. For example, if your waist measurement is 38inches, then you will need a size Large in any Get Waisted trainer. If you would like a tighter fit, then size down at your discretion. 
For Clothing Sizing: Refer to columns 3-5.
Waist Cincher Care Guide
    - HAND Wash with mild soap at least 2 times a week. Soaps include dial, dawn, or dove.
    - Allow your garment to air dry. 
    - Do Not place trainer in washer or dryer.
Other Tips
    - If you are having trouble fastening your cincher, we recommend that you grip Trainer from middle on both sides where hooks are located and pull outward then around while someone hooks from bottom to top.
    - The cincher is designed to be tight, the compression tigtens your core helping you lose inches from your abdomen and waistline.
    - For the first week, you can wear your shaper for 2-3 hours daily. Then slowly increase the hours of wear to 8-10 hours daily.
    - Remember to drink a lot of water while waist training!